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Complete this form to submit a blurb. Please keep your blurbs to 150 words or less and PG13. Please include heat rating of 1-5, so we can rate it for readers. 1 being sweet romance, and 5 your menage and BDSM. Please also include a link to your cover.

 List a book or two that you have published, and your pen name. We will credit the blurb to you with the name you provide. Blurbs should be like a snapshot of the story. Be specific without spoilers.

Please be advised, all blurbs submitted must be from books you've read, either purchased by yourself, or that you have received from the author or publisher of the book. By submitting your blurb, you give your express permission to repost, or publish your blurb in its exact wording, referencing you as the author.

As these blurbs may be used for promotional purposes, we reserve the right to reject any blurb that does not suit the purpose of this blog, or if it is negative or abusive.

If you'd like to have your book featured on our front page, please mention it in this submission and I will contact you to schedule a feature.

Thanks for submitting.

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