Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher

Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher

Ghost Planet is one of those stories that grabbed me from the very
beginning, and kept me involved until the last page. I never wanted to put this book down, and when I had to, I was constantly thinking about when I'd get another minute or two to read some more.

The idea of an extraterrestrial species that appears in the form of a loved one is a fascinating and original idea. And the struggle of identity for the ghosts, especially Elizabeth was an important part of the story.

I highly recommend Ghost Planet to anyone who enjoys science fiction romance! And if you don't, you should give this book a try anyway. I look forward to reading more from Sharon Lynn Fisher in the future. ~ Jessica E. Subject - author of Made For Her, and Satin Sheets in Space.

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Self's Blossom by David Russell

This is about a young woman's self-discovery. Selene is a 'success story' having become a top journalist, while retaining her dazzling looks. However, in the past she has had unhappy relationships, and feels she has missed out on hedonistic fun. This she obtains, firstly with a young stranger on a beach, and finally with enigmatic Hudson: tryst is preceded by cultural tourism, and careful sizing up of minds. Afterwards Selene returns to her 'I stand on my own' attitude. While she is on holiday, her mind is free to ramble, often into Selene's chequered past. Flashback blurs into the present, past-rooted interior monologue into direct observation. The dialogue is sparse. Selene is a cautious, premeditative type, in whom thought, reflection and analysis outweigh direct action. Selene’s subtle, monitoring mind coolly observes and controls all the events. Maybe she is super-confident, maybe profoundly insecure. She is many things to many readers. ~ David Russell, author of Last Dance and Deadly Lessons.
Heat Rating:  3

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

What's a blurb?

A blurb is a snapshot review of a book by an author. They are often seen inside the front cover, and sometimes on the outside of a book. This site is dedicated to author blurbs. When we like something we've read, we want to share our thoughts.

Want to know what some of your favorite authors are reading and enjoying, here's the place to find it. This blog is currently under construction and will be up and running soon.

Authors, feel free to submit your blurbs. I will post them as I work on the launch.